Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I will return with a proper post soon. To be honest I haven't done much spinning or crocheting recently, though I'm starting to get back into crocheting now - I think it must be that autumnal feeling in the air.

In the meantime, the photos of our 25 mile cycle ride can be found here.

I'm also skint (it's the time of year when a heap of expenses come in - TV license, insurance, course fees etc.) so I've mostly been crocheting from stash, which might make that number on the top right go down a little. I also joined a bookswapping website - Read it Swap it which has amplified my love of reading as well as the amount of money I give the Post Office.

To finish, a couple of projects I've finished over the summer:

This is the Spring Ripple Scarf by Angela Best, crocheted in Noro Kureyon Sock. That stuff is gorgeous but feels like string. It softened up a bit after washing but I'm not sure if it's next-to-skin-soft. I love self-striping yarn - I like watching the colours change.


This is the Sweet Pea Shawl by Amie Hirtes, from The Happy Hooker, done in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I originally started using this yarn for a top, but it's basically expensive dishcloth cotton and it just wasn't working, plus I didn't have enough of it. I think it works far better in this shawl.


HobbyZu said...

Oh there you are! lol Glad all is well.

Beautiful scarf! I have yet to try Noro. :-(

I think you did the right thing with the cotton. It looks great as a shawl.

Laura said...

Thank you!
Noro is... interesting to work with though the results are usually great.
Hopefully I'll be updating nore frequently now. I didn't do a lot of crochet over the summer, but it feels more autumnal now and I have more enthusiasm for it.