Monday, 26 January 2009

A few days turns into a few weeks...

So much for blogging more frequently...

After all the crochet I did before Christmas (which was very well received and admired) I've been doing a lot less. This is partly because I've been working on new crafty projects, and hope that I may be able to open a Folksy/Misi/Coriandr shop. Etsy's too scary and I can't say much about what I'd like to do as it's in a rather drawn out embryonic stage at the moment, but Etsy's somewhat saturated with items similar to what I'm doing. Also I want the whole CPSIA hoo-ha to die down a bit - not that I'll be anywhere near ready to open shop before it comes in on February 10th. (CPSIA is a new Act being introduced in the US that is supposed to protect children from lead and pthalates, but which hasn't been thought out properly and could potentially put thousands of small businesses out of business. Although it wouldn't directly affect me as I'm not in the US and am bound by Scottish/UK law, it may potentially affect any US buyers of my products). Hmmm. I can't get on with my project as quickly as I'd like due to lack of funds to invest - so it's being drawn out rather painfully as I pay for things in bits and pieces - I've also been given a little help to buy things I need. And it could all come to nothing as I'm terribly underconfident.

Well, better get on. Prototypes won't make themselves! ;)

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Zu said...

Now I don't feel so bad about not blogging regularly. lol A lot of bloggers have been missing for atleast a month or so. :-)
I'm trying to get back into blogging, and working on things for my etsy store as well.
Good luck with your projects! :-)

Oh, and I've moved my blog here, so you can keep your blogroll up-to-date. ;-) -