Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New shop

Some months ago, I decided to make stuff I could sell online. This was partly borne out of job-hunting frustration - nobody seems to want to employ a slightly neurotic but conscientious woman with three degrees. The low point was being interviewed for a job where it becams eobvious that the panel was not responsible for shortlisting; they were just there to read from a script and transcribe my answers. I may as well have been shut in a room with a list of questions and a tape recorder.

Anyway, after months of making, and almost as much time procrastinating I have started loading the shelves of Abstract Cat, my Folksy shop. I will open a shop on MISI soon too. I currently stock hand-dyed yarn and handmade jewellery, but will be stocking a wider raneg of products in the future. I ahven't set up international shipping yet, but unfortunately I can't sell to the USA or Canada due to insurance restrictions.

Here's a taster of items for sale, and things to come:


My logo got a little chopped up in the mosaic. Hmmm.

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Zu said...

I bet you'll be a success. Your items look great! Good luck! :-)