Monday, 3 May 2010

Election crafting

An Abstract Cat election line up:


left to right: laceweight BFL in Fire Festival, Superwash merino sock in Deep Blue, Superwash meinro sock in Jealous Sky, Silky baby alpaca laceweight in Lime 'n' Olives and BFL DK in Sunny.

If you're in the UK, you can't fail to have noticed we have a general election this week. Until the last couple of years I didn't have much interest in politics beyond issues I felt very strongly about (e.g. the environment, university tuition fees), but having left the relative shelter of academia, and knowing more people with direct involvement in politics has changed that.

Anyway, I am preparing for some marathon crafting on election night - with pizza, and wine, and hopefully cupcakes:


If you're planning a similar crafting/eating extravaganza (or planning marathon crafting to avoid the election), I have lots of yarn in stock whatever your colour (the above is a teeny sample) and lots of yarn if you're undecided, couldn't care less about politics or don't want anything with a political association. There's still time (just) to order if you want some election night crafting. This post has been about my Folksy shop, but there's also loads over on MISI.

And finally, I can't remember where I found this (probably , but lolcat of the moment:


Carol said...

I disagree with most politicians on principle. But I totally AGREE with CUPCAKES!!!!!! NOM!!!!

Laura said...

Oh I do agree! Vote CUPCAKE!!!!