Friday, 4 September 2009

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I finally got round to doing some more sewing. I'm still rubbish, but I managed to take up the legs on a pair of pyjamas - I usually put up with too-long pyjama legs, but I've hardly worn these one because they're so so so long, and a pale colour - and I wanted a pair of 'cropped' PJs. Anyway, the legs are the same length even if the sewing is extremely squint. And with the bits I cut off I made a wee drawstring project bag, big enough for sock crochet or similar:


The yarn in the photo was dyed last year and was the inspiration for my 'Retro' colourway, currently for sale on Folksy - it's not identical but very similar. This ball of yarn will become socks, starting sometime in the next week. I realised after I'd finished the bag that I'd used the fabric upside down and had more upside-down cats than right-way-up cats. Oops. In the interests of recycling, the inside is lined with the fabric from a shopping bag that had a broken strap (and yes I could have fixed the bag but upcycling it was a far more appealing idea).

Shop content. Updates and such
My copper leaf necklace is in the MISI Autumn Gift Guide
Small steps, but I'm very happy about that.

It finally stopped raining so I got photos done and will do a small update hopefully over the weekend. I'm really being drawn to autumnal colours so here's a taster of a small but seasonal update (Folksy and MISI all mixed up together so you'll need to check what's where):
autumn mosaic

On Saturday 12th September I'm heading off on holiday to visit family in the United States. I haven't been over for nine years, and haven't had a 'proper' holiday for seven years, so I'm feeling excited but apprehensive. Anyway, my shops will be closed from about 2pm on Thursday 10th until Sunday 27th September - by which time I'll hopefully have recovered from jet-lag.

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