Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Home again

I arrived home from holiday on Friday, and in a fuzzy jet-lagged state loaded my holiday photos onto my computer. On Saturday morning I switched on my computer and realised something was badly wrong - no internet detected, and half the stuff in my Start menu missing... my hard disk had bitten the dust. My partner has acquired a new HD and pulled stuff off the old one for me (so far it seems I haven't lost anything vital, and I did back up most of my photos a few weeks ago), but I'm using the EeePC until he has time to set up the new hard disk. I'll be trying out Linux (Ubuntu), as it's three weeks until Windows 7 comes out (no point in buying XP or Vista in the meantime, especially as it's supposed to be much better), and my partner has three weeks to convert me to Linux permanently (it hasn't worked in the past). So shop updates have been delayed - it takes me twice as long to type on the Eee due to the tiny keyboard, have little image editing software and the weather's rubbish for taking photos.

The holiday was fantastic, apart from my partner getting heatstroke and fainting on the plane home. We will be complaining to the airline concerned. He recovered quickly but it should never have happened.

Since I visited my aunt when I was 10 years old I've wanted to make a patchwork quilt. Now I have a sewing machine I decided to take advantage of the fact that in the US fabric is between a quarter and half the price it is in the UK... so a marathon expedition to Joann was done, with a follow-up visit. I'm still annoyed I didn't get two of my favourite fabrics from there - at the time I rejected them as 'too expensive' but now I've been scouring the internet for a source of those exact fabrics that will ship to the UK.I feel bad about asking my aunt after she and her husband driving us around all over the place... I now have a fat-quarter obsession, and have found an eBay shop (in the US) selling reproduction 19th century prints. Even with shipping it works out as a good deal for me (provided I don't go over an amount that might attract a customs charge.

My aunt gave me a wonderful crafty thing - a cork with about 18 crochet hooks stuck in it. They're mostly very small hooks for lace making (with tiny hooks that are quite sharp, hence being stuck in a cork).Apparently an old lady of 90-odd died and my aunt was invited to pick something from her belongings. She thought the crochet hook cork was interesting and chose it, though she doesn't crochet and no longer knits so she thought I'd like it.


Christina said...

Glad you had such a great holiday! How much fabric are we talking here? I'm headed to the UK in the 3rd week of November, and I could carry it over and post it from there. Or if it's not much, I can handle posting it on for you.

Laura said...

Oooooh!!!! Fabulous! Thank you!
I'm after two yards of fabric (one each of two patterns). I checked the USPS website, and I don't think it would cost more than about $10 in for first class postage. I'd Paypal you back for it all straight away, of course. Let me know if you're happy to go ahead and we'll work something out.

Christina said...

That's fine. Can you see my email address attached to this comment? Email me, I will give you my home address so you can have the fabric posted to me, and I will just sent it straight on to you.

Laura said...

Blogger isn't letting me see your email address.Can you PM me via my shop or Ravelry with it?