Tuesday, 25 March 2008

All Aboard! All Aboard!


This pretty much describes the state of my yarn diet at the moment. Due to family problems (if I was feeling lighthearted about it I'd just say 'argh! mothers!' but it's all a bit much) I've been on the verge of a panic attack constantly for the last week or two, not sleeping properly, eating and drinking too much, and... spectacularly bingeing on yarn online this weekend. Most of it has a planned use, so it's not quite mindless buying yarn for the sake of it. Of course, I'd have to have a life expectancy of 217 at my current rate of planning projects. As for the anxiety and waking up having panic attacks I think I'll need to arrange my Discman next to the bed with a nice soothing CD in it that I can listen to when I can't sleep. Unfortunately Rescue Remedy has no effect whatsoever on me.

I finished my Boteh Scarf in The Yarn Yard Bamboo 'Miniskirt':

I was a bit worried when I started out as the merino/bamboo blend has an odd, slightly stiff texture, but for this scarf it worked really well as it gave it a little more structure and made it less floppy (especially once I'd done the border round it). It needs blocked still as it's a little curly in some corners. I'm pleased with how it came out, despite the colour being uncharacteristically feminine.

I've got my old Canon camera up and running again - I'd been using a lighter weight Kodak but it tended to make the edges of photos, have an odd colour balance and a hopeless flash, but it's also more intuitive and has a better screen. The Canon is bigger and heavier, and only 4 Megapixels, but takes better photos as it has better optics. It's just hard to see if things are in focus due to the small screen - this is irritating in macro mode.

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Anonymous said...

Now, I have just posted that I wasn't keen on some of the patterns in Interweave Crochet, but then I see this issue! Your scarf is great. Shame the magazine is so hard to pick up in the UK.
Hope things get better soon.