Thursday, 20 March 2008

Yarn diet system

A new item has appeared in my sidebar. This will be my yarn diet tracker. It starts at zero. When I buy yarn, the metreage will be added, when i use up yarn the metreage will be deducted. It's not ideal since it doesn't take finances into account (and a hank of 1200m laceweight from Etsy generally costs less than three hanks of Colinette Point 5 but adds a lot more metreage). So, negative numbers are generally good as they represent a cutting down of my stash and/or using yarn faster than I'm buying it, and positive numbers are bad since they represent an accumulation. Yarns I am gifted don't count and partial balls will be estimated.

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Louise said...

I should do the same with fabric!! I just found you via Florence's Attic and while I don't do a lot of crochet I like seeing what everyone's up to. I am currently crocheting a cushion for one daughter and have plans to do a crochet flower scarf for me for winter - any ideas would be gratefully accepted!! By the way, I read what you said about clicking through you blog lists - do you use bloglines?? It shows you when people have posted which saves heaps of time. Nice to meet you!!