Friday, 7 March 2008

So I gave in...

and got a Blogger account where I can waffle about my various crochet projects, past, present, future and imaginary, as well as yarn-lust.

This morning some lovely Emerald Apple Cobweb Kid Mohair Lace dropped through the letterbox this morning from The Natural Dye Studio. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but 800 yards of mohair gives me plenty of possibilities.

I also put in a substantial order to Scandinavian Knitting Design this morning, but it's enough yarn for four projects (but it does mean I'll be making one of them with yarn less than a fifth of the cost of the recommended yarns). I tried to order last night but their online shopping cart was wonky - it kept doubling the quantities of some of the items in my cart and then when I got to the checkout it kept insisting I'd incorrectly filled in the address form. This morning, it was still doing odd things with quatities but the checkout was working at least.

The justification for all this yarn? It was my birthday on Monday (and it was a semi-significant one).

I am cross with Flickr. It's only showing me random photos. This has been going on since yesterday so there's no point in uploading any of my photos at the moment as they won't show up on my Ravelry account. It also means I can't see other peoples photos of projects on Ravelry - of course this may be a good thing otherwise I might be 'inspired' to order more yarn. Right now I'm looking for a justification/project to buy some Orkney Angora for.

I'm feeling a desire to do some more dying after our successful experiments with Supercook food colouring (21p a bottle from Tesco), but I have an Open University assessment coming up and ought to spend Sunday afternoon getting on top of my OU workload instead of making a colourful mess.

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Anni said...

Congrats on your new blog. I started playing around with food dyes and yarn first. Did quite a lot of it and it looked gorgeous. Good way of trying out dyeing before investing in lots of dyes etc.

Haven't been on hte Scandinavian Knitting Design website in ages. There are some yarns there I'm very intersted in so think I'll quickly go to bed before I get too tempted. The temptation might have passed by tomorrow.