Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Not for fat days

I've had four balled-up skeins of Colinette Point 5 in Florentina languishing in my stash for months - I ordered it with the intention of making a scarf but when it arrived it was a bit pink and just a bit much really (the problem with ordering Colinette blind is that you don't know exactly what the colours will be like). I finally turned it into a capelet from this pattern:
On Ravelry there are lots of comments about how you should never make a sweater from Point 5 unless it's for a skinny person. The same holds true for capelets. Picture a tea-cosy on a watermelon. You get the idea. My partner says it's 'cute' which roughly translates as 'it's nice but I'm not sure about it on you'. Never mind. I really didn't know what to do with that yarn and I am trying to lose weight, so one day it might actually be less rounding.

Last Saturday I gave in and bought some Orkney Angora in Fawn:
I'm going to use it doubled and make the Mei-mei mini-cardi from the cover of Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan.

I am attempting a yarn diet and trying to use up some of my stash before buying more. With my birthday last week I went a bit mad, and my queue of planned projects is getting silly. I have a few 'unallocated' yarns in my stash so I'm trying to find patterns for them.


Anni said...

Love the Colinette yarn. I keep trying to decide whether or not I should learn to crochet or not. I did learn as a child but did't like it that much although my gran was brilliant at crocheting. I was more into knitting. I'll be keeping an eye on what you make, maybe it'll inspire me to get on and learn how to crochet again.

Laura said...

Thank you! I'm just the opposite to you - my Granny was an expert knitter, but I never got into it despite my best efforts (I may try again sometime in the future as there are so many wonderful patterns). I've tried loads of crafts but I only started crochet last year and I love it. I think it suits my impatience to see something worked up quickly.